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Thieves was created based on research about four Thieves who, during the 15th century
Plague, used cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing
plague victims.  Thieves is a proprietary blend of pure essential oils

Tested a Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, and found to have a 99.96% effective rate
against airborne bacteria.  Note:
  Thieves oil blend is an integral ingredient in
Thieves Household Cleaner

In using the Household Cleaner for everything, I found it to be superior as a Carpet Shampoo
even for WOOL; it removed all the stains that a Professional Carpet Cleaner Business tried,
without discoloration.  You should always test it first, in an inconspicuous place and follow
The Scent of cleaning has never been so good.   NO CHEMICALS HERE.  THANK YOU!

I use it in my home & motor-home, dishwasher, washing machine, hand washing, bathrooms,
kitchen, tar, grease, floors, the greasy BBQ, fireplace glass screen, oven door, windows,
wheels on my car, and refrigerator, holding tanks in our motor-home. We use Thieves and
Geranium in our hot tub water, very stimulating, but relaxing, breathing it feels so good! 
Cleaning has become fun.

There are other Thieves products that I equally love.  The Aroma in the home when diffused
in the air is clean and comforting to breathe.

Relating to personal testimonies.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help.  It is not for
diagnostic or prescriptive use.  Consult with the health authorities of your choice.

Sandra Bliss