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 LAVENDER TESTIMONY ~ I was visiting my Mother in law at a Care Center
for Alzheimer’s Patients.  One of the other Patients rolled her Wheel Chair
between Mom and me, and grabbed the arm of the chair, so I moved away.


A Care Giver came to move her wheel chair away from Mom.

She did not want to let go of the chair and was agitated when they tried to
distract her.  When two of them tried to remove her hands from the chair
arm, she got angry and squeezed their hands very hard, and got the
meanest look on her face, and was making hurting sounds with her voice.


 I immediately pulled my LAVENDER out of my purse, and said hold out
your hand, and I shook about 5 drops of it into one Care Givers hand and
said,  “Hold it up to her nose quickly!”  She did it fast.


With a blink of an eye, I swear!  The look on her face of Mean Anger
became Pleasant, and she leaned toward the Lavender, as if she craved the
smell, and she let go of their hands just as quickly.


There were several workers who had observed this, and I said “not any

 LAVENDER can get this quick of a reaction, only this brand name, because
of the quality.  I know because I sell it.”


They all wanted LAVENDER on, so I let them all have some.  I said, “ I
wouldn’t ever want to be without it. It is part of my first aid kit.”


The Head of the Nursing Staff tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I want
your business card.  I will be contacting you; I want to know more about
this Aromatherapy.”


When I went to the Patience Conference, I shared the story, and reaction of
all that was there at the time.  I signed up a Nurse that day and she placed
an order.  I said, “There are other Oils that help other things like headaches,”
which she had one for, four days.  I said “would you like me to put Oils on
your head?”  She let me put Clarity and her temples, base of her neck and
forehead, in 20 minutes her headache was nearly gone.  I signed her up
with her credit card and placed the order for her.


I offered to come and give a Workshop on Aromatherapy for the workers
and Staff, and am having fun everyday, seeing how the Oils can affect
people’s lives.  I went back with catalogs for the ones I knew who were


Sandra Bliss