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We were with a group camping and a small 5-year-old got her tennis shoes
wet, and we put them near the fire to dry out. Later she went to pick them
up, and began screaming and dropped the shoes; the rubber from her shoes
had stuck to her hand. She ran to me screaming, I immediately got my
Lavender and poured it right over the rubber in her hand and spread it all
over in her hand and she stopped crying right away. She peeled the rubber
off her hand, no blisters or redness, in 20 minutes she could not remember
which hand was burnt. I always carry my oils with me; I have used far more
Oils helping others than I have on myself.

The other day my big Dog got excited and jumped up on me, and his paws
scratched my face, from my forehead down my eye and cheek, neck and
chest. It felt like it was weeping and swelling like a welt. I put Lavender on
my face real fast, since I had to pick up my son from school right away.
When I came back home there was no pain, and no redness, and no welts.
Later that evening I noticed scabs on my chest where his claws had come
down, the only place I did not put Lavender.

Lavender is one of the most used Oils in my new Essential First Aid Kit.
What a wonderful Gift for someone.

YLTO Distributor, Bonnie Braun, Portland, OR