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We have been concerned about my sister’s health for quite sometime. She has smoked all her
life, and is 49 years old now. She coughs all the time; it sounds like emphysema, Dad and his
sister died of lung and throat cancer.

I was visiting her, and she said she had developed a lump in her right breast, and that it was
feverish and sore. She looked gray and washed out in color, her voice was worried and she
was tired in body, mind, emotionally, and her spirit was depressed. She said it was over 10 years
since she had been to a Doctor. She said she would make an appointment tomorrow.

She showed me the lump and it was golf ball size, and hard at the surface but not adhered to
the chest wall, but was very tender and feverish, she did not have a fever herself.
My sister is barely 100 lbs. a petite lady. We thought it might be a clogged milk gland.
As the older sister I began to give her my concerns and thoughts on the matter. We
agreed till she could be seen by a Doctor, that she had nothing to lose by trying some
of the oils I had been using.

I put FRANKINCENSE over her armpit down her side, and covered her entire right
breast three times, I used a lot. I also put LAVENDER on her neck arms and wrists.
I went home, she took a nap.

The next morning she called me 8:15 AM and sounded like a new excited person. She
said she got up early cleaned house, colored her hair, had coffee, been in the Hot Tub, had
her cigarette outside in the cold air. She said “guess what” I said “what?” “ My Lump is
gone.” I said “ NO WAY” you are kidding me? She said there was something else that
had happened that was making her happy. She woke up on her right side which she has
not been able to do because it makes her cough. She did not cough, hack up any thing as
she has done for years, and a whole week later is still feeling great. She hardly coughs now.
She says I can Yawn and Laugh without coughing.

The next day I did go over to see that the Lump had disappeared. I saw my new sister
with color in her face and skin, and with a twinkle in her eyes. It made me very happy to
see such a change, really could happen to someone overnight that I Love. I put the
FRANKINCENSE on her again, same way, only I covered her back where the Lungs
were as well.

She has become a Distributor. She is using the OILS experimenting on her families
needs and has documented other amazing results.

From; sandra@healingoilsoftheancients.com